Thursday, December 4, 2014

Eat 6 Times per Day. Myth?

So we probably heard a lot of times you have to eat 6 times per day to lose weight, but no one explains why people should eat 6 times per day. Well probably, because they don’t know.

In this article I will explain why you should eat 6 times per day and how that helps to lose weight.

We know that people eat a lot of junk food these days, so first of all you should have in mind that eating 6 times per day junk food wont help you, because they have lot of bad fats and lots of carbohydrates also know as sugar. If you eat too much unhealthy fats and sugar you will become fatter and no 6 times per day eating or not eating before 6p.m. won’t help. In fact you will be gaining more and more weight. Now let me explain everything here.

Eating 6 times per day unhealthy food will spike you insulin level to the sky’s when you will start eating unhealthy food, because of sugar carbohydrates and unhealthy fats. Because the insulin level will be so high our body won’t have time to reduce insulin level to normal state and you will be eating again, so again insulin level will spike up and he won’t have time to go down and so on.

So in fact your insulin level will be all time high that will only help you gain weight, because when insulin level is high, our body stores everything, when its down and our body doesn’t have insulin he starts to feed hes own energy - fat cells. Now I thing you get the idea already, you if eat healthy food, the insulin level will spike a little bit, and he will be down pretty fast, so that way - what you will eat, you will burn the same day, in fact you will burn more then you eat and that will lead you to constant fat burning.

Also there is another reason why you should eat 6 times per day and the best way to eat at the same time every time. Our body has hes own mind and own memories, if you will eat when you want or maybe you will skip this meal, then another, then other day eat 2meals at the same time - your body will be confused and he will start to stress out thinking “when another meal will come in?”

And this lead to weight gain, because our body don’t know anymore when he will get food, so he starts to warehouse every food that you eat for later usage. So everything you eat you will not burn the same day, but you will store in your body and that will lead to extremely fast weight gains. To prevent this don’t ever let your body starve, because he will become the old lady who takes everything to her home.

Eating 6 times per day at the same time, every day will help you burn fat way faster, because our body are thinking “I’m getting my fuel everyday, at the same time, so why I need to store all those unnecessary pounds? I will just turn every food that I take into energy!” Seriously he thinks that way. Don’t thing that you control your body all the time, yes you control hands, legs, head, thoughts, but the body organs knows there instincts so he will act as he needs.

Also don’t believe that myth about not eating after 6p.m., because that’s totally myth, for example if you go to bed 3a.m., so you should not eat from 6p.m.? That way you will be giving just more stress to your body and your body will start acting as an old lady. But if you go to bed 8p.m., then you can eat your last meal at 6p.m. that’s normal to have 2 hours for our body to digest food.

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