Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Do I Really Need Supplements?

This question bothers more people then it should be bothering. To be honest, you don’t need any supplements or pills to lose weight. All you need is diet and workout plan to start eating healthy and burning those unwanted fats.

You see people in magazine always says that you can’t lose weight without supplements or you will lose 50pounds in 1month with no exercise or diet... REALLY? What the hell they are thinking of saying that? Maybe you won’t like the answer, but the answer is - to make more money. Yeah to sell more of those fat burners to make more cash. People who look slim in magazine on in any contest, don’t care about fat burners or any other supplements. To them diet and workout are #1 and yes they maybe will use supplements, because using supplements on great diet and workout plan will help you around 15%, but without diet and workout plan you won’t get any results at all. You know, athletes also have to make so money for living, so they find company with supplements and tries to help company by promoting the product and making more sales for supplement company and the supplement company give him hes money.

So what I want to say here is you don’t need to use supplements to lose weight, all you need is great diet and great workout plan. I understand that you want to lose weight as fast as possible, but like I mentioned using only weight loss pills, they won’t work. So lets start with diet, what you should know about diet?
1. Eat healthy carbohydrates, that won’t store fats in your body. Carbohydrates main function to provide our body with energy to move, speak, run, stand up or even, wake up. The energy is very important to people who tries to burn fat, they need that extra energy to workout harder and burn more calories. But there is two options of carbs. First one sugar carbohydrates. Sugar carbohydrate doesn’t do good at all, well they give some fast boost in energy, but its for short time, you can take energy drink and after, 1hour feel like you wouldn’t had food for days. Sugar carbs love just to explode in energy but also to run out fast, because our body can consume only portion of sugar carbs, the second portion goes to storage, yeah they turn to fat cells and people gain more weight. In order to stop gaining fats from carbs, make sure you eat healthy carbohydrates from rice, pasta, potatoes and etc. This carbs won’t give you such explosion in energy as sugar, but they will give you long term energy. You will feel full of energy, you will workout longer and feel better and also most important thing they won’t store in your body becoming fat cells.

2. Count your calories. Counting calories really helps, you can google for calorie calculator and enter all information that calculator need. When you will enter all information it will provide amount of calories you need to eat, to gain weight, to maintain your weight and to cut your weight.

3. Eat fats. Fats are responsible for our hormones, so you can’t just cut them from your diet, because it will give you big and I mean big health problems. Why? Well fats are responsible for our hormones, they regulate our hormone level and hormones are most important thing to keep our heart pumping blood, to keep our all organs working, to have energy, to digest food or even to think. In other words our hormones are responsible for everything that our body are doing. Now if you don’t know how much fats to eat - eat not less then 50grams per day and eat only healthy ones. You can find healthy fats in fish oil, peanut butter, fish, vegetables and etc.

4. If you already eaten your calories and you are still hungry, don’t eat food that has lots of carbohydrate or fats, better eat protein food or even better option would be vegetables. Protein are low in calories and protein doesn’t store in our body as much as carbohydrates and fats do.

5. Workout. Working out is hard, I know, I’ve been there, but you still have to work out as hard as you can to maximize your results. Whats the point eating healthy and loosing weight slowly, when you can eat healthy, workout hard and lose weight FAST! Don’t know how to workout? Easy do cardio! Cardio are one of the best exercises to rise your blood pressure and starting to burn fats, if you don’t know any cardio exercise, don’t worry running is the best cardio exercise you will ever find. So just go out there for a run and give your best, also you can check some YouTube videos on cardio workouts at home if you want to workout at home.

6. Take vitamins and minerals. Taking minerals and vitamins will help you avoid flue or something similar to flue. If you will cache flue you won’t be able to workout properly, give your best, and if it will be really strong flue, you might not be able to go to the gym or eat properly. So try to stay healthy by eating some vegetables or fruits or just buy vitamin & mineral pills.

7. Get some sleep. Nowadays we forget how sleep impacts our life’s. We use to be in lack of sleep, but in order to lose weight you need to get at least 8 hours of deep sleep to restore your energy level an be ready to work hard again.

And now back to the topic, yes now you can use supplements to even go further then you expected you can, but again keep in mind that using supplements alone like fat burners, won’t help you at all! You need to have good diet, good workout plan and then you can use some fat burning pills to increase your % of fat burning. As I mentioned supplements can help you lose little faster weight, around 15%. So if you lose 10pounds in a month. With supplements you will lose 11,5pounds in a month. Not the biggest results, but you know in long run, you will be healthy and you will lose little faster weight, then just with diet and workout plan.

Friday, November 14, 2014

3 Simple Steps That Will Help You Burn Fat

So you want to lose weight don’t ya? Okay I will share in this article 3 things that people really don’t pay too much attention when they should do. This 3 things are the most important in order to lose weight. Losing weight isn’t hard if you know what you are doing and if you’re not trying to cut corners, because there is not faster way to lose weight, there is only things that you need to do constantly to get results. So in this article you will get those most important 3 things in the entire word that will give you 100% weight loss if you will follow and do your homework without cheating on yourself. Keep in mind that this is long term strategy of weight loss if someone really wants to know how to lose 10 pounds in a week you need to apply this 3 steps and don't drink water, that I mentioned below, but losing 10pounds a week isn't good for your health, so this 10 pounds strategy only when you need, for example if you have competition coming up or need to look better at wedding and so on.

So here is the list of those 3 things or maybe I should say steps:

1. Eat healthy food. Yes eating healthy is the best way to not gain more extra fats. Eating healthy alone won’t get results that you want, but eating healthy is the first big step that you need to get in your life in order to lose weight and I’m talking seriously TO LOSE WEIGHT. I don’t care how much time you will spend working out or taking supplements and etc. Without healthy diet you will be burning fat in the gym, but still you will be gaining the same fat or maybe more when you will eat your unhealthy food. So the #1 thing you need to do today is plan your healthy meals. Seriously just do it! Its so simple, people just love to over-complicate things, but this is the most easiest part.

What you need to know is eat lots of protein. Protein - will help you rebuild your muscles after intensive workout and also you will feel much faster full is you eat food who has lots of protein. For example white meat, fish and etc. Also there is another 2 ingredients that you need to take into diet, carbohydrates and fats.

Now you should start eating only healthy carbs. If you know there is carbohydrates in chocolate, candies, sugar as well as in rice, potatoes, pasta. Which would you choose? Yes the rice, potatoes, pasta and etc. Have healthy carbohydrates, that your body need in order to have energy in the gym, chocolate, candies and etc. Have only sugar carbohydrates, those carbs are bad for your body. Our body doesn’t consume all of them and almost half of them turns into fat cells. So eat only healthy carbs to stop creating those fat cells and have energy to move, talk, sleep.

We left one ore nutrient - its fats. Yes you need fats, because fats are responsible for our hormones. Again eat only healthy fats. There is a lot of fat in chocolate, chips, but you don’t want those, your body just won’t digest them and those fats almost all goes to your fat cells. What you want to do is eat healthy fat. You can get them from nuts, vegetables, omega-3 vitamin. I recommend to use peanut butter, because its easier to count your fat intake per day, so that you would eat just as much as your body needs. If you are asking, okay so how much I do need? Usually its around 50g/per of healthy fats to keep your hormones in balance and to not help your body produce more fat cells.

2. Second is? Yeah workout. You need to workout. Yes, yes its hard to workout and takes a lot of time, but you need to understand that we have energy in our body, those fat cells are there, because that energy wasn’t used when you where eating your food. When you will start working out, your body will start using carbohydrates from your food that you ate to restore hes energy level, but your food can’t give carbohydrates and all other nutrients for ever, so then your body start breaking down fat cells, to produce more energy to move on. So without spending your time in the gym you won’t be able to see results much, much, much faster and if you don’t have money to go to the gym or you don’t have gym near your house or for whatever reason you can’t go to the gym, remember you can always go for run, do some cardio exercises at home. You need to make your heart pumping your blood harder to start melting those unwanted body fats. So just go and do some cardio, its not hard, you just thing its hard, as I mentioned above, people love to make everything over-complicated when its not.

3. Okay here’s the final step. Get some sleep, don’t stress too much, take supplements for example vitamins and minerals and drink water. vitamins and minerals. So make sure you use supplements that will help you recover your vitamin and mineral balance in your body, because if you won’t you will cache a flue and it can be disaster, because it will slow down and slow down for real. Last but not least drink a lot of water, when we exercise we sweat and that way we lose a lot of water in our body. Remember what biology teacher said when we was child’s? Our bodies are made from 70% of water. So once we are done with our cardio, get some water and recover your water level in your body. Oh and just one more thing left - stress. Don’t stress too much, if you will be following this simple 3 step guide it’s 100% will help you lose weight. I’m not saying that you will lose 20pounds in 2 days. You know that’s not possible without damaging your health, but I can say that you will lose weight every week. Maybe at the start 5pounds in week, later 3 pounds in week, but you will lose, that’s for sure.

That’s it. Looks too simple to be true? Well because it is! You need to understand that your body needs deep sleep to recover from hard workout or something like that. Best to sleep about 8-9hours if you can, don’t ever sleep less then 6 hours, because studies showed people who sleep less then 6 hours - gain weight. Because our body try’s to safe as much energy as he can to cover lack of sleep. Makes sense? I bet it do! Okay you also need to use vitamins and minerals, because when you will start working out, you will see how much energy you need to move on, when our body are working hard, hes not only burning carbohydrates, fats cells, but also

Here are some other good tips. Listen what this girls have to say about diet, because its true.