Monday, December 8, 2014

Protein... Why Protein?

I get lots of questions about protein, why I recommend high dosage protein in weight loss journey.

So in today’s article we will discuss why we need protein in our weight loss journey.

Protein Sources
First of all I want to mention that protein are like bricks to house, we need protein to have body, like house walls, our body uses protein to repair damaged body cells or to replace dead ones, that way when we cut our finger or any other place our body replace that cut cells with new ones and usually if the cut isn’t deep it regrows in few weeks, if it is it can take longer. The same goes to every organ: heart, liver even brain. We need protein to produce more cells and repair damaged ones, if needed replace them with new ones.

Now that been said, you probably will know what I will tell you now.

Second we need protein to repair our muscles. We spend a lot time in gym doing cardio and other hard workouts that damages our muscle tissues and we need to repair them as much faster as humanly possible, because if we won’t repair them, in the gym we will feel pain and in low energy state.

And third thing why I recommend huge intake in your weight loss journey, because protein are low in calories. If you would look to carbohydrates and fats, you would see that protein have the most lowest calories. So for people who are counting calories protein is great solution to not feel hungry fast enough and to not take more calories then you need.

Hope that helped someone and for those who was emailing me with this question. Also keep in mind that there are good and bad carbohydrates, good and bad fats, but protein are only one - good. So don’t over-thing and just eat your proteins!

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