Friday, October 17, 2014

Beating Overeating | The Science of Appetite

Indulging in food is a favorite pastime for many, but considering that two thirds of Americans or approximately 207 million 337,000,21 or overweight. Perhaps we enjoy food a bit too much so why can’t stop ourselves from consuming so much fatty and sugary food? How do we beat overeating?

When your stomach is empty it releases a hormone called ghrelin. Ghrelin interacts in the brain with the neurotransmitter NPY and turns on the desire to eat. Once you satisfied this desire by eating ghrelin levels drop back down in hunger subsides, conversely after eating a different hormone leptin is released from the stomach and fat cells and interfears with NPY further turning off the desire to eat and making you feel full. But if this hunger regulation system is in place why can’t we say no to that piece of cake or chips? Many food psychologist believe that in the past energy-rich food such as those with lots of fat and sugar were hard to come by. As hunter-gatherers the human body needed to take advantage of these meals for survival and as a result they become extremely desirable.

But in today’s world we can get a high fat and sugar meal on every corner at any hour. The problem is the instinct and desire still remains and so we struggle to stop eating these meals. Recently it’s been discovered that the continual intake of fat and sugar overrides the regulatory system of ghrelin and leptin. The signaling pathways insufficient to control diet and so initial evolutionary desire now plagues our ability to choose wisely and eat healthy. It’s a self-perpetuating problem. The more healthy food you eat - the more you desire food.

Monday, October 13, 2014

7 Steps You Should Know To Lose Weight

Lots of people go to the gym and they have no idea what they are doing, if you want to have progress you should follow this simple 7 steps. Make sure to check out my newest article: 3 Simple Steps That Will Help You Burn Fat you will love the tips I share there.
  • So the first thing I want to talk about today is setting goals. You want to set a goal to yourself doesn’t matter if you set goal for day, for week or for month. So goal can be something like “I want to lose 5pounds per month” or “I want to lose 2pounds every week” or “I want to lose 3 inches of my waist” it can be anything. Try to set a goal and try to reach it it feels really good when you achieve those things.
  • Second what you want to do is track your progress, write somewhere your actual weight, take a picture. It feels really good to look back once you lost two inches of you waist or any goal you had. When you will see yourself who you was and what you are becoming you will feel more motivated and determination to move forward and forward and forward until you will reach your big goals.
  • Third you don’t need fancy closes or some super gym bags that cost a lot of money and doesn’t help you in any way. Don’t buy all fitness stuff, just because you see some other people do. Be realistic and see what you really need. Some people have injuries that’s why they use straps or any other support stuff in the gym if you see others use it, that doesn’t mean you need it. What you don’t want to wear in the gym is jeans, suit and other clothes that can make your “gym day” difficult.
  • Fourth you don’t need any supplements to lose weight. When it comes to losing fat you can lose it jut walking around, you don’t need fat loss pills, you don’t need caffeine pills, you get your nutrients from food.
  • Fifth thing is you have to get motivated. There is millions ways to get motivated. A friend? Thats an easy way to get motivated. Ask your friend to go to the gym, to workout, to track your progress and reach some gym day goals without cheating at the gym, because when you will see someone working out hard that will get you motivated and you will want to work out harder then he or she is. Also another motivator can be music, download new music that you love. Pictures can be also great motivation. Post some pictures on your wall where you can see that picture, it can be something like bodybuilder or a fitness guy, girl or some quotes that you love to read and get you motivated every time you reread it.
  • Sixth thing is consistency, devotion. You have to spend a little be time in the gym. You don’t want to go to the gym on Monday and then don’t go till Saturday and maybe you will go on Sunday. That’s really not enough consistency there. You really have to stay on top of your schedule here, don’t make excuses just get to the gym, its really not so hard to do it. There are a lot of excuses something like: “I haven’t eaten yet” So go eat!; “I’m too tired” Well I promise when you will get to the gym you will see everyone moving around and you will want to move also, that’s always happens.
  • Seventh thing is exercises. You don’t to lift weight if you are trying to lose weight, you wont see progress and you wont be motivated. If you are trying to gain some muscle you can go to the gym just to lift, but if you want to lose weight as we are talking about here do some simple exercises like treadmill or go for a ride on bike. You need to burn as much calories as you can in order to lose weight, so treadmill is most popular calorie burner because your body moves without stopping. When lifting you’re not working with all your body so you burn way less calories, you take a few minutes break at sets that’s also lowers your calories that you could burn just by doing cardio at treadmill. In other words do simple cardio exercises just to burn those calories, if you will feel tired of cardio then you can go lift some free weights, but make sure most of your gym plan are pure cardio.