Wednesday, September 17, 2014

All About Sugar

When we consume sugar it goes to our blood really quickly and that does give us a quick energy effects. The basic foundation of sugar is glucose and our body use that for quick energy and so when we consume a lot of sugar our body wants to use for energy, but what happens if we consuming a lot of sugar we gonna get spikes of energy and this really low pit falls of being exhausted and tired and makes you go for sugar again. So when someone is craving sugar and giving in to craving you will be riding waves of energy and you will be feeling from tired and exhausted and from a life and a wake.

The USDA only recommends us to have 10 tea spoons sugar in day, no more. They don’t want us to have 10 tea spoons a day, but they say we should not be consuming more then 10 tea spoons of sugar a day and the reason for this is that sugar offers calories and there is no nutrition's in it. So we will go show some specifics foods and show how much sugar they have, so that when you are eating it, you realize what you taking in. To see all products check out this video.

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